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We are Indonesia furniture directly from Indonesian furniture manufacturer, furniture supplier and furniture exporter of indoor solid teak wood furniture to modern outdoor furniture, furniture for hotel project, decorative lighting, home decor & handicrafts at a competitive wholesale prices with high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurant, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, private house and hotel projects (FF & E).

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Piguno by Wisanka furniture is an Indonesian furniture manufacturing company based in Java, We offer hospitality furniture projects for hotel, villas & resort, generally for Indonesia and all countries in the world. Our main activities are  produce high quality outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, decorative lighting and Indonesian handicrafts at a competitive wholesale price with high-quality furniture products for homes, restaurant, resorts, villas, apartments and hotel projects (FF & E).

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We produce our wooden and metal furniture in Solo (Surakarta) & Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. While wicker furniture are manufactured in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. We are committed each day to build Indonesia furniture with quality materials by skilled craftsmen. While our focus is on large-scale Indonesian hotel furniture projects, we also have the flexibility to produce one piece, customized furniture design or accessories as required by our private clients.

Wisanka furniture has been operating for around 25 years and become one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. Wisanka furniture serves wholesalers, importers, interior design, furniture projects for hotels, furniture for new hotels under construction, furniture for hotel renovation, furniture for villas, furniture for restaurants, furniture for new buildings, furniture for interior, kitchen set furniture and other. Visit our interior furniture project site.

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Aside from that, the rapid sale of furniture to worldwide markets including to the importer, wholesaler and retailer of furniture that has become a regular customer of Wisanka and we also doing some series of hospitality furniture projects both locally and worldwide, that is why we conclude that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That is why Wisanka Hotel and Resort furniture project exists to supply hospitality furniture.

With world growth in many sectors including businesses around the world, this has good consequences for supplying furniture for hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, residences and public facilities. Activities that require travel from one place to another have an impact on the rapidly growing hotel industry. These facts influence the expansion of the furniture industry too. Furniture for projects.In addition, fast furniture sales to markets around the world include furniture importers, wholesalers and retailers who have become Wisanka’s regular customers. We also do hotel furniture projects both locally and globally, which is why we conclude that in every new hotel that is built it definitely needs good furniture. For the reason that Wisanka Hotel and Resort furniture project exists to supply hospitality furniture. Furniture for hotel.

We proudly present our serious commitment by supplying the finest furniture for hotel and resort project with our nine warehouses, therefore we always providing furniture in various range of materials, products and design both indoor furniture, also outdoor furniture under name of Wisanka Group, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice. Furniture for hotel projects.

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Wisanka furniture offers Indonesia furniture, Indonesia teak garden furniture, tropical garden teak furniture, Indonesia home decor, modern furniture Hospitality, interior design furniture, Indonesia patio furniture, outdoor hospitality furniture, Indonesia teak furniture, Indonesia decorative lighting, Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture for retail, wholesale & furniture projects directly from Indonesian furniture manufacturers located in Java – Indonesia. We were established in Klaten, the city between Solo (Surakarta) and Yogyakarta. as Indonesian furniture online is your Indonesian furniture manufacture partner, Furniture projects for Hotels, resorts, villas from indoor teak furniture to outdoor teak furniture.

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With the world growth in many sectors including business across the globe, it gives good consequences for supplying facilities likes hotel, restaurant, resort, residences and public transportation. We proudly present our serious commitment by supplying the finest furniture for hotel and resort projects with our nine warehouses that always providing Indonesia furniture in various range of materials, products and design both indoor and outdoor with banner under name of Wisanka, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice. Wisanka hospitality offers Furniture for hotels, furniture for restaurants, furniture for villas, furniture for apartements, furniture for SPA & Furniture supplier for interior projects

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All are welcome from wholesale, importer, projects manager, hotel owner, interior design and furniture supplier who are interested in sourcing the highest quality solid wood furniture as well as natural and synthetic rattan furniture. Our products including indoor and outdoor furniture at a competitive wholesale price. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit to our office or factory where our full range product is on display. We are looking forward to work with you and together we offer quality wholesale furniture from the best manufacturer in the furniture industry. Wisanka as Indonesia furniture, exporter of indoor outdoor wooden furniture, Rattan Furniture, furniture project, and handicraft from Indonesia, Asia. You just visit the website of company who product quality furniture from Indonesia, direct from manufacturer and exporter. High quality and reasonable price is our guaranteed. We are welcome for long term cooperation opportunities with Indonesian company. New Collection Denka Living Sets 800x533 - Home

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Wisanka is a leading producer of high quality Indonesian furniture and leisure furniture for distinguished homes, luxury hotels, apartments, spas, resorts, villas, local authorities, restaurants and clubs at uncompromisingly competitive prices. We are Indonesia wooden furniture manufacturer and Bali rattan furniture factory. Wisanka offers the high Indonesia furniture ranging from wooden furniture (teak, mahogany), rattan wicker cane furniture, antique reproduction furniture, garden furniture, iron furniture, patio furniture, outdoor furniture, also handicraft and accessories, etc. Wisanka is the home of quality Indonesia furniture and innovatively designed by professional craftsman. Here you will find many furniture products from Indonesia which already to export. All products are made from best material, such as; Teak wood, Mahogany, Rattan, Wicker, Cane, etc.